Information on Officers:

Officer elections were held at the business meeting held at the MCL Cafeteria in Castleton on September 24th, 2016. All of the current officers accepted nomination for another year of service and were elected.

2014 Officers

First of all here are the officers we elected and who served us very well in 2014: (Please give them your thanks when you see them again). They thank you for your support and assistance.

Office Holder
President Jeanette Bagley
Vice-President Tom and Mary Ladd
Secretary Donna Hamilton
Treasurer Rosie Keppel

Current Officers

Here are our current officers. Please give them your support.

Office Holder Phone e-mail
President Lois Daugherty Home (317) 257-1334
Vice-President Nadine Henry
Secretary Carol Derbin
Treasurer Rosie Keppel
Past President Jeanette Bagley Home (317) 883-2305


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